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Client Service Policy

Your Financial Life Planned for Success!

"I want my clients to feel confident they have made the right decisions and secure in the knowledge they will be implemented."
- Bill Fowler

If there is a limit to how far Bill Fowler will go to make a difference in his clients’ lives, he hasn’t found it yet. In more than 24 years of working with financial management clients, Bill has always gone "the extra mile" to make sure all of his client’s financial decisions are well thought out and carefully implemented.

Bill and his staff take a "search and solve" approach to finding solutions to help his clients achieve their goals. After helping so many people over the course of his career, Bill is hard to surprise with a problem too complex or unique. Whatever the problem, his purpose is to find the solution and make sure it is implemented.

Bill has earned a title of "Master Problem Solver" through decades of study and the experience of addressing a wide array of problems and challenges individuals have in life. From his personal and professional experiences, Bill has developed a high degree of empathy as well as the right answers to meet his clients’ needs.

Bill understands how difficult it can be to make the right financial decisions - especially during a time of transition. Bill has also seen how a supportive partnership can make the difference between success and failure in some of the most important tasks in life.

Bill, his wife Susan, and their son-in-law Matt Ludwick, work from their home office in McKinney. There, they have created a professional yet comfortable atmosphere for their client family - an environment where clients feel at ease with the planning process and periodic reviews. Bill also travels to his client’s homes or offices for meetings when it is inconvenient for them to come to his.

Bill spends many hours meeting with new clients to learn their needs, dreams, and unique qualities and capabilities. Through in-depth research and personal attention, Bill and his team learn how to best serve their clients and plant the seeds for a successful, long-term relationship.

Bill and his staff maintain a relatively small client family to ensure enough time is reserved to be able to provide each individual client with a uniquely high level of service. They are involved in their clients’ lives and always look deeper to find ways to support and protect them.